Legacy Electric Kettle and Toaster Set in Black, Red or Silver (1.8 L, 2200W Kettle and 900W Two-slice Toaster)(Silver)



A beautiful new kettle and toaster set by Down To Science. Stylish and easy to use, the Legacy kettle is an elegant solution to your water boiling needs. Its high quality design and functionality will allow you to enjoy the ritual of making tea. A generous 1.8 litre capacity and a powerful concealed 2.2 kW element ensure rapid boiling, allowing you to get your desired water temperature quickly and efficiently, with minimum refilling. Its removable and washable limescale filter improves the quality and taste of your drinks. This will be a stunning addition to any kitchen. The 900W Legacy toaster comes with slots wide enough for most breads, and can toast two bread slices simultaneously. It will automatically switch off and pop-up the bread when toasted. Three special functions: Reheat; Defrost; Cancel.

  • 900 W Toaster with Reheat, Defrost and Cancel Functions. Six toasting levels, from lightly toasted to well done
  • High lift function holds the bread up after or during toasting for collection or inspection
  • Kettle with generous 1.8 L capacity cordless jug with 2200W concealed rapid boil element
  • Both made of high quality stainless steel
  • Stylish retro design available in 5 lustrous colours: Black, Red, Silver, Purple or Green

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