Matching Kitchen Set of Two items: Mug Tree and Kitchen Roll Holder Stand Set and Two Slice Toaster in Red

SQ Professional


Mug tree and towel holder set for only Quality construction with a lovely finish With 6 arms on the mug tree odern and stylish design. Matching bread bin and tea coffee sugar set can be found in our shop Size (Diameter x Height): Mug tree - D-15cm x H-35cm Kitchen roll holder - D-15cm x H-35cm 900W Toaster comes with slots wide enough for most breads, and can toast two bread slices simultaneously. It will automatically switch off and pop-up the bread when toasted. Three special functions: - DEFROST (defrosts and toasts frozen bread) - REHEAT (warms the already toasted bread) - CANCEL (stops toasting after it has already started). Dimensions 30.5 x 23.5 x 19 cm

  • The mug holder tree hold up to 6 mugs at any one time.
  • The paper towel holder is useful for holding your kitchen towel.
  • 900 W Toaster with Reheat, Defrost and Cancel Functions. Six toasting levels, from lightly toasted to well done.
  • High lift function holds the bread up after or during toasting for collection or inspection.
  • Modern and stylish design in Ruby Red.

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