Olympic Gold Hot Pot Insulated Casserole Small Set 3 pc in Beige or White (Beige)

SQ Professional


Hints for use: - For best results, pre-warm the container with hot water, clean it fast and keep the foodstuff quickly. - It is advised to fill the container to its maximum. - Avoid keeping lid off from casserole for long. - Keep OLYMPIC GOLD away from fire. - To look ever fresh do not use harsh detergents on the plastic sureface.

  • Contain 3 pieces - 1200 ml, 1600 ml and 2500 ml
  • Designed to keep food warm for 5 to 6 hrs
  • Retains original taste and flavor of food
  • Perfect for entertaining at the dinner table or caring to picnics
  • Stylish and sturdy

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