SQ Professional Stainless Steel Round Chafing Dish with Glass Vented Lid 5L

SQ Professional


Take the chore out of entertaining with this contemporary chafing dish, to elevate your dine to a higher altitude for elegant buffet display and presentation. Solidly constructed with high quality stainless steel, this is a durable and long lasting chafing dish that will suit all needs. Built in lid-holders, hear-resistant handles and reinforced welded legs make for greater safety and convenience. Comes complete with lid, water pan, food pan and 1 fuel holder. Use and Care: Wash with warm water and mild detergent then dry with a soft cloth. Do not use steel wool or harsh scourers. Store in a dry place to preserve appearance.

  • Solidly constructed with high quality stainless steel
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Reinforced welded legs for greater safety and convenience
  • Vented glass lid
  • Comes with: Lid; Water Pan; Food Pan; 1 Fuel Holder

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